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Music Ministry

Whether it is music, drama, or visual, God invites and enables us to participate in the arts so that we may glorify Him. May God grant that we are able to love Him more fully, share Him more freely, and serve Him more joyfully through the music ministry here at EBIC.

Leading Worship through Song

We understand corporate worship as a vital part of the Kingdom of God, and music provides a way through which all believers in the community can actively participate. Our goal as leaders in worship music is to facilitate worship in such a way that the congregation can fully participate in active conversation with God.
When we gather together, we join with the global, historical, and heavenly church in proclaiming and celebrating what God has done for us, is doing for us, and will do for us. Worship is not a one way street from us to God. Rather, worship is initiated by God through His desire to draw all people to Himself, is interceded and sanctified by Jesus Christ, and directed by the Holy Spirit, who forms us and changes us through His power as we respond to His love and salvation for us.

Worship Arts

We believe the arts are a powerful, meaningful, and necessary expression within Christ's Kingdom. God, the Master Artist, displays His artistry in all His creation. Made in God's image, we bear some of our Creator's artistry, both to help us interpret and understand the world that He made and communicate with Him. So whether it is visual, aural, or even olfactory, God invites and enables us to enjoy Him with all of our senses so that His glory and Kingdom may be more fully revealed.

  • Bell Choir | drama | Media Team | Sign Choir | sanctuary decor

Training musicians for the Kingdom

In addition to leading worship, E-town BIC music ministries makes it a priority to train people (especially young people) in music. When kids are encouraged in their singing and instrumental skills, the more comfortable they become and the less self-conscious they are about using music to praise God.
As a result, our worship goes from being self-centered to being God centered and from being performance oriented to participatory. People who are less concerned about themselves become more aware of God's voice and presence and open themselves more fully to His transformative Spirit. We pray that this may be evident as we give outlets for musical experiences and training for all ages and abilities.
Children's choirs for ages 3 through grade 6:

  • Cherub Choir | Primary Choir | Junior Choir

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