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Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA)

The mission of the Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA) is to train men and women, at a post secondary level, in theology and education which is Bible-based, relevant to the African context, and evangelical in character, in order that they will grow in their love for God and for their neighbours as they:

  • Follow Jesus Christ in every aspect of life;
  • Fulfill His command to make disciples of all nations; and
  • Equip others for Christian service in the Church and in the world.

TCCA is one of the oldest interdenominational theological colleges in Zambia and its graduates serve in every conceivable position in Zambia's ecclesiastical world.

By the late 70s the education levels in the pew were beginning to exceed those in the pulpit, particularly as the missionaries began to leave. There were doctors and lawyers sitting in the Zambian church while most preachers remained at certificate level. So, the need for quality, relevant, contextual evangelical theological training could not be over emphasized. Ministry preparation had to be recognised academically and, consequently, accreditation was essential.

Since its inception in January 1982, TCCA has been offering a four-year Bachelor of Theology program and a three-year Diploma program. In May 1986, TCCA became the first Zambian college to be granted post-secondary accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA), thereby, giving TCCA`s programs international recognition and creating opportunities for post graduate studies. In 1998, the college received recognition from the Ministry of Education as a teacher training institution for Religious Education.

TCCA President Lazarus Phiri

TCCA Today

Under the leadership of President Lazarus Phiri, TCCA trains men and women, called of God and affirmed by their local church, with the necessary prerequisites for post secondary studies in theology and education which is Bible based, relevant to the African context, and evangelical in character. Learn more about TCCA by visiting www.tcca.ac.zm.


As an interdenominational and international institution, TCCA derives its teaching staff from different constituencies who subscribe to TCCA's statement of faith. Local and international adjunct lecturers compliment the fulltime lecturers.

Mweemba Mwaanga, MDiv., is Dean of Students at TCCA and a member of the Brethren in Christ Church. His wife, Winnie, just completed her own Bachelor of Theology degree at TCCA.

EBIC supports Mr. Mwaanga in his position at TCCA through a grant of $7,000 in 2015 which covers about 60% of his salary.

Testimonies of TCCA graduates

Levi Soko, Overseer, Lusaka District
Brethren in Christ Church, Zambia

My life with TCCA started as far back as 1995 when the desire begun. It all started like a joke on a Sunday at which I happened to be the preacher. After the service, the pastor's wife came to me and said this church will depend on you. At the time, I did not take the old lady very seriously and as far as I was concerned, the story ended there,

However, a year latter the same woman (Mrs Mwalu) came to me with the same words saying that the BIC Church will need me, and that I should take word seriously. Later on one of the teachers from Macha girls secondary school encouraged me to think of going to bible school and put aside my earlier plans of becoming a male nurse. He explained that since I had a good grade 12 certificate with five O level, then TCCA will be the best option for me. My uncle and Auntie ( Mr and Mrs Zulu) help me understand the will of the Lord for my life and in 1997 I began my studies at TCCA.

The major obstacle that stood on my was now how to pay the school fees which were quite high. My uncle and Auntie agreed to assist me with transportation from Macha to Ndola and a scholarship was provided for my from Brethren in Christ World Missions.

I am very grateful to TCCA, because the staff prepared me for ministry. I was very clear in my mind that I was going to major in pastoral moinistry. During my stay at TCCA from 1997, we had lecturers like Rev Joe Simfukwe, Rev Joe Kapolyo, Mr. Phiri (Dr. Phiri now), Kathy and Rich Stuebing, (Ba Rich) and many other men and women of God who equipped me for ministry. TCCA gave me the leadership skills, preaching and teaching skills, and how to relate with people. We lived like a community at TCCA as single young men would cook and eat together as one big family.

From the time I left TCCA in December 1999, the BIC church posted me to a congregation in Livingstone (Dambwa North), where I served for five years. Then the church leadership transferred me to the Chilenje congregation in Lusaka where I have been serving the Lord for the past eight years. In the BICC circles, I have served in various leadership position including national youth director, Pastors committee, and teaching at Sikalongo Bible Institute as a visiting lecturer. This past General Conference in August, the church assigned me to be the overseer of the Lusaka District. This again is not a small assignment which will require me to look after many pastors and churches in the district. I also sit on the executive board of the Council of Churches in Zambia and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia.

And so, my life at TCCA and journey in ministry started as small talk by an old woman, who saw the call of God upon my life and now her words that the church will need me are bearing fruit and we are growing as a family in the service of The Lord.

Because of all this, I believe that TCCA is a ministry that needs support to continue training and equipping people for ministry for the Zambian church and beyond.

Read testimony of Levi Soko, BIC Church of Zambia Overseerhide

Remmy Hamapande, overseer for Forgotten Voices ministry work in Africa

In addition to his work with Forgotten Voices, Mr. Hamapande congregates with the Chifubu BIC church in Ndola where he assists pastor Matthews Munangobe with pulpit ministry and serves as the church treasurer. He has a special heart for children's ministry.

The Theological College of Central Africa has over the years been a beacon of hope for Evangelical Christian ministry in the Southern region of Africa, if not the whole continent or even the world. It has produced a number of God fearing leaders willing and truly ready to uphold God's Word in a continent/world that has seen unprecedented exploitation of God's Word.

To me, TCCA has been a God sent institution in an environment where poverty creates desperation among many people, who otherwise would naturally be susceptible to desiring "cheap grace" in the quest to solve their social economic problems. It is for this reason that TCCA has been, and still is, a source of genuine evangelical theological training.

I first came to learn about TCCA from my then pastor whilst in Livingstone, the southern province of Zambia where I worked and lived with my family. By then I was working for Barclays Bank. My life as a Christian goes back to 1986, 3rd March to be precise, when I gave my life to Christ whilst I was a student at Hillcrest Technical High School. Since then my walk with God had been truly a life of growing faith. After much prayer and consultation with my wife, Irene, I decided to quit my banking career and took a leap of faith into ministry as a pastor. Naturally, most of my family and friends tried to advise me otherwise; saying that I was already very much involved in the local church ministry (Dambwa North Brethren in Christ Church) and did not need to stop working. However, I felt the need for a theological training and TCCA was my natural choice. My mind was made up and I believed God was calling me to what I would term "full time" ministry with Him. We finally made the long journey north to Ndola and TCCA became our home for the next five years. The academic and community fellowship environment was truly one I will forever cherish in my life.

In the last thirty one plus years, the college has managed to produce pastors, missionaries and teachers that have been influential leaders in the Zambian society and the world over. They have truly been the "salt and light" within the communities that God has sent them to be.

Read testimony of Remmy Hamapande, overseer for Forgotten Voices ministry work in Africahide

View a stirring testimony of TCCA graduate, Eric Rukondo:

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