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SBI Water Project

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Over the years, EBIC has supported Sikalongo Bible Institute (SBI) in a variety of ways. This small but influential institution is one of the best resources in Zambia to train and place BIC pastors with the result that 87% percent of the BIC pastors currently are SBI graduates. Since 2011, EBIC has provided scholarships for all students attending the school.

One crucial need at SBI is to update the drinking water and sanitation system which has deteriorated to a point where the drinking water could be in jeopardy, not to mention the threat of illness due to leaking sewer lines which back up to ground level in the rainy season.

Mr. Bruce Brubaker, a professional engineer with ten years of experience in the water industry, is serving with BIC World Missions in Choma, Zambia. He prepared a detailed report including an evaluation and design proposal and detailed cost estimates totaling $15,000. We marvel at God's timing in providing Bruce's expertise to help with this project.

BIC workers from Canada arrived February 29th to work on replacing and repairing plumbing fixtures in the dwellings in preparation for hook up later this summer.

Several members of our congregation, Ed & Kathy Barlow, Frank & Irene Stoltzfus and Dwight & Carol Thomas will help with the installation of the system and will be traveling to Sikalongo this summer at their own expense.

A distinguishing feature of this project is that the labor on-site will be provided by SBI students who will be on term break. This means that the funds provided for this project will not only pay for the water system but will also help students with their tuition and ultimately contribute to the financial support of the school.

Project Update

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The EBIC Church Board has approved a special congregational fund-raising project for the $15,000 needed for this project to be raised by June 1.

The project has been fully funded. Praise the Lord and thank you for your support in improving sanitary conditions for the staff and students at Sikalongo Bible Institute, Zambia! As work on the project goes forward, progress reports will be posted here.

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