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Media Event Request with Staffed Media Technician

This form should be used for any event which will be held at EBIC. By using this form, a media technician will be present at your event to operate the media equipment and provide the necessary support.

To ensure we can provide the necessary equipment and staff, we ask that you please provide at least two weeks notice. The time that our media technicians give for regular events of the congregation is part of their ministry to God as taught in the Bible and modeled by Christ. We will do our best to provide what we can with the appropriate notice.

Once we receive your request, a member of the media team will contact you to finalize the details of your event. We are pleased to be able to assist you with your event.

If you have questions about scheduling your event or completing this form, please contact the Media Team.

Please complete all fields below to the best of your ability.

Worship Service
Music Presentation / Concert
Speaker / Presentation
Fellowship Meal
Drama / Musical
Other (please specify below):

Youth Ministry Event
Children Ministry Event
Sunday School / Fellowship Groups
Men's Ministry Event
Women's Ministry Event
Personal/Community Group event
Other (please specify below):

Please check all Services & Equipment Requested:

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