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Marriage Encounter & Engaged Encounter Weekends

Marriage Encounter is an invitation to come away from the world, to spend an entire weekend focusing on your spouse and your relationship with each other, working towards God's ideal for marriage. It takes couples beyond the frustration, disappointments, or loneliness that can be a part of your everyday life.
To learn more about Marriage Encounter and to schedule your own retreat, please visit the Marriage Encounter website.

Upcoming Marriage Enounter dates:

  • February 13 - 15, 2015 @ Kenbrook Bible Camp, Lebanon, PA

Engaged Encounter helps you learn the skills to make your marriage thrive for a lifetime. It provides time away from wedding planning to experience solitude for honest and intimate discussions and to help you learn a method of communication that will enable your relationship to develop to the fullest.
To learn more about Engaged Encounter and to schedule your own retreat, please visit the Engaged Encounter website.

Upcoming Engaged Encounter dates:

  • December 5 - 7, 2014 @ Kenbrook Bible Camp, Lebanon PA
  • January 9 - 11, 2015 @ Kenbrook Bible Camp, Lebanon PA

EBIC's Compassion Fund Team has approved paying the fee (less the $50 registration) for any couple in the congregation who desires to attend a Marriage Encounter or Engaged Encounter weekend. Please contact Jane Dows (jdows@etownbic.org) or Nick Ressler (nick@etownbic.org) for more information.

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