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LightShine Ministries, Alaska

2016 LightShine Alaska Team
Ben Ebersole, Jeff Leer, Randy Toews, Tom Wagner

LightShine Alaska Trip

  • July 8-15, 2017

This year's trip will center on foundation repairs, electrical and plumbing work, and general labor such as tree and brush clearing, firewood cutting, and parking area improvements.

In 2016, Ben Ebersole, Randy Toews, Tom Wagner and Jeff Leer volunteered with LightShine Ministries to repair cabins at the Bingle Camp & Retreat Center. The scope of the repairs cetnered on lifting the cabin structures, removing deteriorating foundation logs, and replacing the logs with more stable foundation material.

If you are interested in coming alongside a rural Alaskan Christian camping ministry by working to repair and upgrade their facilities this July, contact Ben Ebersole (forsberg_flyer@comcast.net) or visit the trip website. Experience in carpentry or mechanical trades would be beneficial, but is not a necessity.

About LightShine Ministries
The ministries that LightShine works with exist to help repair the hurt when the goals of faith, hope, and love are not met.

There is much beauty in the Land of the Midnight Sun,but there are also a lot of people living there who need to see love demonstrated in a real way. One of our values is that we get involved for the long term. More than just building a structure, we build relationships in the hope that by sharing our faith we can encourage others to find the truth that will set them free from the bondage they are experiencing and allow them to find joy.

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