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Jay & Judy Smith

Brethren in Christ World Missions appointed Jay and Judy as full-time missionaries to the Muslim world in 1983. They have worked in evangelism among Muslims in England (seconded to Ichthus Christian Fellowship), France, and Senegal (seconded to SIM) and are currently working in apologetical and research work among the more radical Muslims of London, England.

Jay teaches Muslim/Christian apologetics for those exploring ministry in the Muslim world. He co-teaches various undergraduate and graduate courses on Islam including 2nd year students at Operation Mobilization's (OM) Turning Point, apologetics/polemics at Oakhill College, Oxford's Wycliffe Centre, Ichthus's Networkers Program, as well as numerous venues around the world.

The events of 9/11 dramatically increased the need to train missionaries in the West in a more direct approach not previously used in missiological circles. Because of Jay's background in Christian/Muslim studies, BICWM began to target London for this unique ministry to the Western Muslim community, developing strategies to help deconstruct Islam academically. During the winter of 2001, the BIC began to send short-term personnel to OM's Turning Point Programme for two-week trips, which still continue four times each year. In 2004 the first full-term team was sent, and is now represented by PloughShares International (PSI), as well as the new ongoing academic and critical work with Pfander Centre.

The apologetical/polemical work which Jay is researching for a Ph.D. is written into a series of tracts, crib notes and position papers, used in discussions weekly at Speakers' Corner and in debates and seminars on the university campuses in the West. Since 1995 he has participated in over forty formal debates with distinguished Muslim scholars, statesmen, and apologists. These papers are on the Internet, www.debate.org.uk, and are now being made into 5-10 minute videos on YouTube (see PfanderFilms).

Jay earned his B.A. from Messiah College, his M.Div. from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Th.M. in Missiology (with an emphasis in Islam) from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jay is currently finishing up a Ph.D. on the need for apologetics/polemics post 9/11. Judy has a B.S. degree in Nursing from Thomas Jefferson University.

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To support the ministry of Jay and Judy Smith, go to BICWM Worker Support and select Jay and Judy Smith from the dropdown menu.

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