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Why Quiz?

Bible Quizzing!

Bible Quizzing is an EXCELLENT opportunity to learn God's Word and then test your knowledge in FUN quiz-bowl type meets and tournaments. PLUS, there's great opportunities to hang out with INTERESTING TEENS, not just from Elizabethtown, but from across the country!

This year, we're studying the book of John!

2018-2019 INFO MEETING: Sunday, October 7, 12:15 pm (very brief)

  • Practices are Sunday nights (beginning October 14), 5:30-7:00. Try to be on time so that we can get our quizzing groups set quickly! :-)
  • Monthly Meets are typically on Saturdays from 9-12 pm. We typically leave the church by 8:30, that may vary, depending on how far away the church is.
  • Tournaments are ALL DAY and are typically on Saturdays.

If you'd like more information on Bible Quizzing, please contact the coaches, Betsy Mauger or Margaret Schwenk (biblequizzing@etownbic.org).

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