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Jr. High

Here at E-town BIC our vision is to grow youth to be disciples who Love God, Share Christ and Serve the World. We believe this can happen as we help Jr. High students:

  • develop a lasting relationship with God by modeling and encouraging
  • grasp God's love and pursue opportunities to share their faith
  • find and respond to ways to serve others

What happens on Sunday Mornings?

Jr. High Sunday School

  • 8:30 & 11am: Worship Services
  • 9:40-10am: Chill/Snack time for all youth in the Youth Room
  • 10-10:50am: Sunday School in the Jr. High Room

When does Youth Group meet?

Monday Nights

7-8:30/9 pm

A typical evening schedule:

  • Welcome/Chill Time
  • Worship in Sanctuary or Youth Room
  • Message in the Youth Room
  • Small Group (jPods) Time
  • Game Time in the gym or outside
  • Snackz

2017-18 Dates

  • Restarts (9/11)
  • Breaks (11/27,12/25, 1/1, 4/2, 5/28)
  • Christmas Party (TBA)

Current Info

If you have questions please call 717-367-2651 (Ext. 18) or email Bryan Kuntz (bryan@etownbic.org).

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