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If you have any questions about baptism and what it means, please contact any staff member or email the church office.


At EBIC, we practice Believer's Baptism in which individuals choose for themselves to be baptized after deciding to follow Jesus.* Baptism is a public declaration of faith in Christ and of belonging in the church.

*This is a different approach from churches that baptize infants. Instead of that practice, we offer parents the opportunity to dedicate their children to the Lord.

If you wish to be baptized, please complete the form below. As we have interest, a one-time baptism orientation class will be scheduled for you to attend to learn about what that means here at EBIC.

Baptism Orientation sign up

If you are interested in exploring baptism, you are invited to participate in a brief orientation session (currently not scheduled). Please complete the form below if you are interested in attending this orientation or to ask any questions you have.

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