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Matt & Erin Malone

Matt is the English Language Program Administrator at the Baptist Student Center (BSC) in Bangkok, Thailand. He uses his role at the BSC as a platform for reaching out to the 3000 Thai students (mostly adults & some children) who attend each of the six 8-week terms every year. About 10,000 total individuals pass through the doors of the BSC every year seeking to learn English. Matt assists the BSC's 100+ teachers in effectively reaching out to the Thai students with the gospel. Matt also evangelizes the students face-to-face via "Conversation Corner" (six hours per week) and "Friday Night Life" (1 hour per week).

Get news from Thailand at: www.bangkokpost.com

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How can I give?

To contribute towards Matt and Erin's ministry, you can send a check with Matt and Erin Malone on the memo line to:
3806 Monument Ave.
PO Box 6767
Richmond VA 23230-0767

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