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Why did we do it? Why did we build all this? We needed more empty seats to fill! As we start to use this new space, let's pray for empty seats to be filled with people who want to take new steps closer to God. May God work among us in powerful ways!


  • 100 level numbers are found on the first floor
  • 200 level numbers are found on the second floor
  • Numbers progress in a circular clockwise direction around the first floor, beginning at the main office (#100), wrapping around behind the sanctuary, through the offices and library hallway, past the kitchen, around the west side of the building, and concluding with the nursery rooms near the front entrance.

More photos of the process

How did we get here? Where are we going?

April 23, 2017

A living room with a fireplace sounds comfy, but God's call stretches us and moves us beyond our comfort zones. Last Sunday, using images of fireplaces and campfires, Pastor Steve offered challenges about how we can live out our vision. He addressed questions such as:

  • How can we break down barriers between "insiders" and those who feel like outsiders?
  • How can we stop acting like "consumers" when it comes to church, and how can we look to serve and invest instead?
  • How have we been critical? And how can we contribute instead to the exciting ministry momentum we are experiencing?
  • How can we all invest in something so much bigger than we are?
To hear about this and more, listen to Pastor Steve's sermon from April 23:

Download sermon audio
Download sermon projection PDF

This is NOT a Sermon...

February 21, 2016

God's call is always amazing! Would you like to hear a bit about how this project and call from God came together? Listen to reflections on Pastor Steve's own journey and call to this church, and how it relates to the current steps of faith we at EBIC are taking as a community, listen to this sermon:
Download sermon audio

Facility Renovation & Expansion Project

Sharing the Joy

Capital Campaign Update

GOAL #1: $800,000 cash received
STATUS: Met! (100% of goal)

GOAL #2: Pledges of $1.5 million over 3 years
STATUS: Met! (100% of goal)

Current preliminary estimate:

$2,427,000 Sanctuary addition, renovations and sitework
$371,000 Furnishings & equipment
$136,000 Design & engineering
$66,000 Permits & fees

$3,000,000 Total

Ground Breaking Service, July 28, 2016

Thanks to Gavin Reed for recording and producing this video.

Facility Expansion Reports & Updates


 - April 09, 2015 -    more


 - January 22, 2015 -    more

Committee Members

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