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Our Sunday morning schedule includes elective classes for adults that are held between the worship services, from 10:10-10:50. Electives are designed to encourage people at all points on their spiritual journey to examine scripture and apply it, to foster learning and discussion on a wide range of topics, and to better equip us to love God, share Christ, and serve the world. Feel free to join any elective and explore any learning group. Registration is not required.

SPRING 2020 Elective Choices

MAR 1 – MAY 17 | SUNDAYS | 10:10-10:50 am

No electives on:
Apr 12 | Easter Sunday

Facilitator | Daniel Munyan
ROOM 105
Genesis covers an extraordinary amount of time between the creation of Adam and the calling of Abram. This class will unpack millennia of God revealing himself to a humanity created to recognize and call on his name. We will explore how the latest discoveries from archaeology, genetics, and anthropology flesh out the first eleven chapters of Genesis; plumb the valleys of God's long history with humanity, revealed to Moses as a series of mountain peak milestones; and trace the history of humanity from two people in a garden to the high civilizations of Sumer, Egypt and Akkad, from which he would call a people to himself and redeem the world.

Facilitators | Carl Shank, Tom Grosh
Have you ever wondered how to interpret and understand the difficult verses and passages of the Bible? Have you ever been stumped by them? Perhaps they have derailed your spiritual life and journey? Carl Shank and Tom Grosh are offering a course to tackle some of the more difficult sayings of the Bible. Equipped with plenty of handouts, you can ask your own questions of faith and belief.

Facilitator | Ron Grenko
ROOM 134
We will read a passage of 5-20 verses from the book of Proverbs, followed by five minutes of silent meditation and prayer, reflecting on the verses. Afterward, we will discuss our insights and applications. Please bring your Bible to this class and consider also bringing a notebook.

Facilitator | Kimberly Forry
ROOM 117
Do you feel like much of the time your life is on autopilot as you rush from one task to the next? Do you feel out of touch with God's kingdom in your everyday life? Using the book Spotting the Sacred by Bruce Main as a springboard for learning and reflection, we'll explore the act of noticing as modeled by Jesus during his time on earth.


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