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Adult Sunday Morning Electives

Our Sunday morning schedule includes elective classes for adults that are held between the worship services, from 10:10-10:50. Through our electives, we attempt to offer a variety of classes encompassing the study of Scripture, church history, and theology. We also try to engage our culture and put ministry into action to better equip us to love God, share Christ, and serve the world.

Summer 2017 Adult Discipleship Schedule


Summer Adult Discipleship Series:

Engaging Our Families, Our Communities and Our World

God has gone to great lengths to engage us and extend His love for us in order to make us completely His. The very Spirit of God now indwells and employs all who are truly His in order to engage others and extend the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Here at EBIC, we are committed to engaging our families, our neighborhood and our world-—extending the love of Jesus so all might become His. Join us throughout the summer months as different speakers challenge us each week to engage in what God is doing around us!

  • Fellowship Groups (9:40-10:00 AM)
  • Summer Adult Discipleship Series (10:10-10:50 AM)
Special Event Sunday
Extended Fellowship Groups
No adult discipleship or children's programming between services
  • May 28
  • July 2
  • September 3

If you are not part of a Fellowship Group, use the summer to visit some and see if you can find a good "fit." Find out more here: Fellowship Group descriptions and meeting locations

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