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Fellowship Groups

At EBIC, we believe building genuine friendships is one of the key factors to spiritual growth. This is why everyone is encouraged to get connected in one of our Fellowship Groups. We offer fellowship groups for every stage of life. These groups are a place where care and connectedness happens through sharing, prayer, social events and serving together in the community. Fellowship Groups meet Sunday mornings from 9:40-10:00 AM. All groups are open to singles or couples. For more information, contact the church office at office@etownbic.org or Daleen Charles at dcharles@etownbic.org

Meeting Rooms / Age Groups

Young Adults

  • Room N21, ages: late teens-20s

New Creation

  • Room L35, ages: 20s-30s


  • Room S7, ages: 30s- 40s


  • Lounge, ages: 30s-50s


  • Room N23, ages: 40s-50s


  • Room N22, ages: 45s-65s


  • Room S8, ages: 40s- 60s.


  • Room N25, ages: 50s- 60s


  • Room L33, ages: 60+

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