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Elizabethtown Fair Parking Service Project

The EBIC Fair Parking tradition continues...be part of working together, greeting the community, assisting those in need, praying for God's hand in the workings of the Fair and its participants. All of this requires participation by lots of people in the congregation. There is something for everyone to do! Sign up below. Questions can be directed to Amy Bell at fairparking@etownbic.org.

The parking funds we receive are given to a variety of local organizations that serve our community in the name of Jesus. In 2016, $29,900 was given in equal parts to:

  • Churches That Care
  • Cornerstone Youth Center
  • Hope Within Health Center
  • House of David
  • Naaman Center
  • United Churches of the Elizabethtown Area

Fair Parking Jobs


  • Cover the fair workers and patrons with prayer
  • Can be done from anywhere...home, work, the park or the pool
  • A valuable job with no age or physical restrictions
  • Converse with passers-by in the building
  • Direct people to the nursery or bathrooms
  • Check rooms to be sure doors are locked and rooms are empty
  • Check paper supplies in the bathrooms, replenishing as needed
  • Children may accompany their parents
  • Complete any time before the fair opens for that day,
  • Walk the church grounds (parking lots and fields) looking for trash and doing a general cleanup
  • Bring grocery bags/trash bags and gloves
  • Allow about 1-2 hours & children may accompany their parents
  • Stake Placer-—Place stakes throughout parking lot (August 16, 5 pm; RAINDATE August 17)
  • String & Ribbon Placer-—Run strings around placed stakes, tying each section with a bright ribbon. Great partner project!
  • Stake Remover-—Remove stakes and ribbons (August 29, 5 pm)
  • Direct drivers where to park and where to exit
  • Answer random questions posed by drivers with a smile and an attitude laced with God's love
  • Stationed throughout the parking lot, grass field, or Bear Creek hill
  • Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to stand for the duration of your shift
  • Must be an adult or taller than a car to serve
  • Collect parking donations
  • Answer questions about the church, the fair, where the parking money goes, when the gym opens, etc.
  • Come prepared for busy-ness with a big smile and a warm welcome
  • Adult-only position
  • Monitor the crosswalk areas at the side door facing the fair
  • Create a safe environment for people to cross by stopping traffic as appropriate
  • Be firm, to gain obedience from the drivers
  • Be pleasant, to answer the questions that fairgoers may have
  • Adult-only position

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