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ESL Ministry

Free Adult English Classes

  • Wednesday nights (September-May)
  • 6-8 pm
  • Begins September 11, 2019
Nursery provided for ESL children under age 4.
Activities provided for children age 4 through 6th grade beginning at 6 pm.
ESL parents with children arrive BEFORE 6 pm so children can begin their activities at 6 pm

Join us at 5:15pm for dinner!

Free US Citizenship Class Available

ESL (English as a Second Language) at EBIC

Every year, immigrants and refugees coming to the United States are confronted with the immediate challenges of living in a new culture. Adjustment to a new country and culture is especially difficult for adults who have limited knowledge of English.

The adult ESL Ministry at EBIC offers English classes at several levels of proficiency to adults learning English as a new, second or other language. Classes will help to prepare adults to function in English in the community as students, workers, parents, and citizens.

Classes range from Beginning Literacy through Advanced. All new students have interviews and placement testing to help determine which class would be most beneficial.

Classes serve not only as a place to learn the English language, but also to discuss information about health and work, parenting, school, and shopping in the United States, as well as how to access educational opportunites, community services, etc.

If you have more questions about our program, please email us at esl@etownbic.org.

Our Purpose

The ESL teachers and support staff are volunteers working together to the glory of God. As committed followers of Jesus, we desire to serve our community. We seek to teach, inspire, and encourage all involved--not only to improve skills in English and cultural literacy but also to respond to God's work in the lives of all.

ESL Student Sign-up

If you would like to enroll in the ESL Adult Language Classes at EBIC, please complete this form and be present at the first meeting of the season on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 6 pm.

I can speak/read very little English; someone else is helping me with this request.
I can speak, read and/or write some English but would like to learn more.

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