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EBIC Kidz Registration for Events

In order to register for any event with EBIC Kidz, you need to have a PORTAL account for our database.
If you already have an account, please login below.
To establish a new account, please choose the SIGN UP HERE button below and follow the instructions for creating your family account:

  • The PARENT will establish the account and will need a unique email address to do so. Start with your email address; you will be sent a code to finish setting up your account and setting your password.
  • Using the PARENT account, add all additional family members connected to that account (spouse, 1st child, 2nd child, etc.) by choosing under SELECT A FAMILY MEMBER the option for ADD MEMBER.
  • Once you have established all family members, our database will need some time to establish your account so that eligible events will be available for you to see. Please logout and wait for anywhere from 1 to 5 hours. (NOTE: During specific signup periods, we will work to get you established in our database as quickly as possible, so check back frequently.)
  • Once your account and birthdates are properly registered, you will be able to see eligible events available for each user under the EVENTS tab of the PORTAL when you are logged in. Remember to select the proper FAMILY MEMBER for whom you are registering events.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Events that are listed as SOLD OUT have reached their maximum registrations. Please email childrensadmin@etownbic.org to be placed on the event waiting list.

EBIC Release Form

Please print out, complete, and return this Release Form to participate in EBIC Kidz events. THANKS!
EBIC Release Form

We love your kids and like to capture the moments that they spend in our care. Photos and videos taken of children/youth at church-sponsored events are taken in good taste and children/youth are not individually identified in photos/videos that are published publically. If there is a photo or video published of your child that you would like removed, please contact us. We do understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that require that your child not be photographed at all. If you would prefer that we not photograph your child, please download and complete the following form and return it to the church office.
Do not photograph form

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