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Child Dedication at EBIC

Child dedication differs from baptism. While there is a blessing invoked upon the child through the pastor's prayer, the real meaning of child dedication is primarily toward the parents and then the congregation.

Child dedication is a public promise before God that you accept responsibility for your child's spiritual development. In it you commit to do all you can to see that your child is nurtured in the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The hope, of course, is that one day your child will make his or her own commitment of faith and obedience. Parents who take this step need to be firmly grounded in their own faith commitment to Jesus Christ.

The congregation also covenants before God to support the parents and to provide a healthy spiritual environment for the child through life and word. The congregation is both a witness and a supporter of the parents' public promise for their children.

The process of dedication is as follows:

  • The parent(s) will stand with the child to be dedicated before the congregation.
  • The pastor asks a set of questions to which you respond in the affirmative (see below).
  • The congregation is also invited to make its commitment to the family (see below).
  • The pastor will then place his hand on and pray for the child.
We welcome the opportunity to serve you in this way as you make this covenant before God.

The Commitments


  • Almighty God has been gracious to you in giving you the gift of this child.
  • Do you now present your child before God in dedication?
  • Is it your purpose to bring up your child in the ways of the Lord?
  • Will you seek to demonstrate love, grace, and commitment to this child?
  • Will you endeavor to provide a Christian home and atmosphere for your child?
  • Will you teach him/her in the Christian faith and way, surround him/her with Christian influences through the church and other relationships, and encourage him/her to faith in Jesus Christ?
  • With God's help, we will.

  • Will you, the people of this congregation, welcome these children into the life of this church, and will you covenant with these parents before God to pray for them and encourage them toward faith in Jesus Christ? If so, please say, "We will."
  • We will.

Confirmation of your desire for Child Dedication

To have your child included in our next child dedication service on March 29, please complete the form below by March 14.

In addition, you must attend:

  • Mandatory Orientation | Sunday, Mar 15 | 9:45-10:15am

If you cannot attend this orientation and would still like to have your child dedicated, please contact Pastor Adam to schedule an orientation.

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