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The next baptism service is October 21, 2018. If you desire to be baptized, please complete the form below by Sunday, September 30. A staff person will contact you about details including the videotaping process, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the church office.

If you have any questions about baptism and what it means, please contact any staff member or email the church office.


Believer's Baptism refers to the decision to be baptized after one makes the decision to follow Jesus.* We understand baptism as a public declaration of one's faith in Christ. It offers a way to communicate one's connection with Jesus Christ and also the community of faith.

If you are interested in exploring baptism, please complete this form below. A staff member will then be in contact with you as to your understanding and readiness to take this next step of faith.

*This is a different approach from churches that baptize infants. Instead of that practice, we offer parents the opportunity to dedicate their children to the Lord.

Request for Believer's Baptism

8:30 am service
11:00 am service


All who request baptism are asked to write about their faith journey. Please use the questions below to help you develop your testimony. It will be shared with the congregation in print as part of this process. We also ask people to verbally answer these questions and videotape the answers. We share these videos on the Sunday morning you will be baptized.

1. What were the circumstances that led to your commitment to Christ as Savior and Lord?
2. How does your commitment to Christ affect the way you live? What are some ways your faith helps you and impacts your decisions?
3. If you were not a follower of Jesus, what are some ways the trajectory of your life would be different?
4. How has this church impacted your journey of faith and what are ways you plan to participate and serve?

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